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I use Trello + GTD to manage my to-do list. It has been working great, my layout is mostly based on this article which gives a good summary. I frequently want to add items to my to-do list without picking up my phone, but Trello doesn’t have any Google Voice integration. I came across a process for doing it on Reddit, but there were no details, so here is the step-by-step process for setting up Google Now Commands for Trello.This will take about 20 minutes, but saves a lot of time later. Plus, who doesn’t want to yell their to-do list across the room at their phone 🙂

This does involve a bit of “techy” stuff but the guide is designed for someone who is a normal user, and should be early to follow.

This will only work on Android (obviously) but you do NOT need to be rooted.
Always remove quotes when typing something in, they are there to designate the start and end of some value.

Downloading Apps

There are a number of apps that you need to download to the device that you want to use voice commands on. The total cost for everything is $3.33 at time of writing.
Tasker ($2.99)
RESTask for Tasker (free)
AutoApps (free)
AutoVoice ($1.34 IAP)

Prep-work (Desktop or phone)

There are a number of keys and variables that we need to obtain from Trello that we will use later. If you are not super-concerned about security, copy these into an email as we go along and email yourself at the end of this step. If you are, there are more secure, more annoying, ways to get these values on your phone.


Step 1

Sign into your Trello account and then go to Copy the Key value to your email.


Step 2

    1. Copy that API Key into this URL and then paste in in your address bar:,write&expiration=never


  1. Accept this prompt and then copy the long string of letters and numbers at the end into your email (label as token so you don’t get confused).


Step 3

  1. Open the official Trello web client and find a Card from the list that you want your voice commands to add new cards to. For example, I picked a random card off of my “@NextActions” board on my “Inbox” list, so that is where the new cards will be created.
  2. Look in the address bar, it should have a short URL that looks like
  3. Take that URL and add .json to the end as follows:
  4. There will be a long list of random data. Search (CTL+F) for idList and copy the value right next to it, see below. Label it idList in your email.



Step 4

You should have three values in your email like this. If you do, send the email to yourself. (These are example not actual values, yours should be different but look similar)

Key: f75194c12ac9dc08549957d24ca73e6a
Token: 3dd2f159336bc69dc194c12ac9dc08549957d241cbb275851974b83b85ec058
idList: 555c8e8438613a1b6f665efc

Setting up AutoVoice

Step 1

When you open AutoVoice it will prompt you to go to AutoApps and purchase the app. Do this by closing the dialogs and then clicking on the AutoVoice icon (only one not greyed out).


Step 2

Go back to AutoVoice and click on the first item to enable Google Now integration. Follow the prompts until it says in green “You can now use AutoVoice Google Now integration”.


Step 3 (optional)

Click “Toasts and Logs” and uncheck “Received Command Toast” to remove the popup dialogs each time you say a command.


Creating the Tasker Profile


Step 1

Open the Tasker app and click through the initial dialogs. Click the big plus at the bottom and select “Event”


Step 2

Select Plugin > AutoVoice >Recognized


Step 3

Click the pencil icon next to “Configuration”. Click the “Speak Filter” option and then say the phrase that you want to precede each command. For example, I chose “I need to” so if I say “I need to walk the dog” it will create a card titled “Walk the dog” on my Inbox list (chosen above). Leave everything else as is and click the checkmark up top.


Step 3

Click the “Event Edit” back button in the upper right-hand corner. Click “New Task +” and name it “Create Card”.


Step 4 (optional)

To satisfy my inner perfectionist, I want the first letter of each to-do item capitalized. This is how you make that happen.

  1. Click the big plus icon on the bottom. Select “Variables” then “Variable Convert”.
  2. Enter %avcommnofilter in the “Name” box.
  3. Select “To Upper Case First” under “Function.
  4. Click the “Action Edit” back button in the upper right hand corner.



Step 5

  1. Click the big plus icon on the bottom. Select “Plugin” then “RESTask”. Click the pencil icon next to “Configuration”.
  2. Under “Request Type” select “POST”.
  3. Under “Host” enter
  4. Swipe twice to get to the “Parameters” menu (its hidden after “Headers”, you can click along the top as well).
  5. Now we are going to put in all of those values from your email and a few others. For each one, click on “Add more” and then enter the “Name” and “Value” that are below arranged Name : Value (do not include the colon).
    name : %avcommnofilter
    key : f75194c12ac9dc08549957d24ca73e6a
    token : 3dd2f159336bc69dc194c12ac9dc08549957d241cbb275851974b83b85ec058
    idList : 555c8e8438613a1b6f665efc
    due : null

It should look like this when you are done:

**** Click the save icon at the top after you have entered the values or you will have to do it again ****

Step 6

  1. After you have saved, click the pencil icon again and then the play icon. You should get a “Test Result” window that has a “Return code” of 200 and a bunch of stuff under “Return data”. If you don’t, then you screwed something up at pretty much any point previous to this, so go back through the guide and double check everything.
  2. Click ok to close the window.

Step 7

  1. Hit the back button, and then the “Action Edit” back button in the upper right hand corner. You should have a window that looks like this:
  2. Click back again until you get to the main tasker screen and then go to your home screen.
  3. Say “Ok Google” or tap the Mic icon on the Google Now launcher and then say “I need to walk the dog”. There should be a new card on the Trello list you selected earlier named “Walk the dog”!

Hope this helps!