Smart Guns onĀ GoFundMe

The first major advancement in firearm safety technology in decades: a revolutionary smart gun with a built in fingerprint sensor that knows who is firing it. Parents don’t need to fear their children finding their gun when they are out of the house. Police officers don’t need to fear being disarmed by an assailant. Communities won’t have to watch as teenager after teenager uses firearms to commit suicide. This is my vision for a brighter future. Join me!


The Technology

Smart firearms equipped with user authentication technology


The current proof-of-concept prototype, built from 3D printed plastic and incapable of firing. Development of a far more advanced alpha prototype on a live firearm is in progress.

Fingerprint Authentication

An advanced fingerprint sensor built into the smart gun reads your fingerprint when you pick up the firearm to make sure that the owner has allowed you to use the smart gun.

Multiple Users

Each smart gun can register as many users as the you desire. You have full control over who is allowed to use the firearm and can even sell the firearm to a new owner, removing all of the existing fingerprints.


Currently the smart gun boasts a 99.99% accuracy in identifying users, with a false rejection rate of less than 2%, meaning that no one other than you will be able to use your firearm.

Bank-Grade Encryption

The fingerprints are stored on the firearm encrypted using AES 256bit encryption, the industry standard for securing sensitive data. There is no way to access the fingerprints on the firearm, even for a government agency.

Quick Access

The final design will unlock in less than 1 second and will lock even faster. This means your firearm is always available for use and can never be used by an assailant, even if they disarm you.

Battery Life

The current prototype lasts around a year on a single charge. It notifies you long before running out of battery and can easily be recharged from any cell-phone charger in an hour or less.


The problem of gun violence in America

Minutes between shootings of teens or children


Firearms unlocked in homes with children

Firearm Suicides a Year

All of these are situations that could be prevented with a smart gun. Children finding a gun and not understanding the danger in that their portrayal of the heroes in the movies could result in them living with the death of a family member for the rest of their lives. Depressed teens reaching for the nearest available method when experiencing suicidal thoughts. When a firearm isn’t involved 1 in 25 suicide attempts are fatal, where over 90% of suicides-by-firearm are.